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The church logo examples presented on this page are actual logo projects from our portfolio, designed to client specifications. If you are shopping around on logo design or church logo design web sites, be sure to spend some time on the portfolio of each design firm. Look for variety and presentation. If it's all too much the same or if there are obvious problems (like bright yellow on white), move on. There are so many logo designers on the Net that you can afford to be very picky.

Click on any of the church logos below to view a larger version and project description.

Cross and wreath logoCatholic church logoOpen Bible and sun logoUnique cross logoCross and open Bible logo
Planet logoUnique cross logoCross and wings logoUnique cross logoCross, wings and sunrise church logo
Cross and wings logosunrise church logosunrise logocross and compass logoUnique cross logo
cross logo for men's ministryunique cross and swoosh church logoglobe and cross logo for New Zealand churchcross and people logocross and swooshes church logo
cross and sunrise logocross and tree/leaves logodove logocross and people logocross, sunrise and swoosh
cross emblem for a Christian centercross logo with concentric ringsCross and triangle logowheat logo for a churchCross and open Bible
Three crosses logoWhite Dove logoChurch logo with trianglesUnique cross logoUnique cross logo
Cross, tree and heart logoCross and sunrise logoCross and sunrise logo (2)Sunrise church logoUnique cross logo
happy, worshipping man logoChristian center logochurch logo with a unique crosssimple cross logocross and globe logo
unique church logocross and worshipping person logocross and dove logo for a Christian ministry

Need a logo, but not a church logo?

In that case, you're on the wrong web site! You should be looking through's logo examples.

What to look for in a church logo

While most churches want some or other Christian symbol in the design, that's not a requirement. The logo should represent what you are about - so a cross or open Bible would be good - but the primary function of your church logo is the be a visual identifier. Think of it as your church's signature. Your church logo must be unique. That should be our main concern. If it means forgoing the traditional Christian symbols, then that's a small price to pay for having a new symbol that's unique and exclusive to your church.

That said, with a little creativity you can have both a traditional Christian symbol and a unique logo. Apart from doing a cross or dove in a unique way you could also combine a traditional image with something that is unique and specific to your church or region or message - like a cross a recognizable outline of your church, a cross and a specific mountain, a cross in a specific setting.

If you are ordering a custom church logo you will save time by making a list of logo elements, colors, fonts etc. that will work for your logo. If you have all that information handy when you order, our designers can get the project going in the right direction, right from the start. Or, if you're short on ideas, have a look through our collection of exclusive, once-off pre-designed church logos.

Get started

To get the ball rolling, select one of the design services below and follow the steps through the order process. If you have any questions that you need answered first, please contact us.

Unique, customizable pre-designed church logos and custom church logo design. Our design team will work with you, as long as it takes, to develop your perfect church logo. > Read More
Let us build your church web site. With our considerable web design experience we have what it takes to build it right and to take it (smoothly) from concept to live web site. > Read More
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