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About This Church Logo

We cannot grasp the nature of God with our minds. To explain to ourselves Who God is, the human race invented certain meganisms such as symbols. The triangle originate in the first century to counterfeit false teachers, including Arius who attacked the doctrine of the Triune God. The Nicene Creed, as a confessional bulwark against Arianism and kindred heresies, declared that the unity and equality between God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and God the Holy Spirit will be expressed in a perfect triangle of equal measurements.  The triangle enclosed in a circle points not only to divine unity but also to divine eternity. The logo translates the centuries' old battle of the human race to embrace our unseen only true God and try to present Him to illiterate and learned people alike. The cross, symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, stands center in the logo image. God Jesus Christ paid the price and bought man kind from their father, Satan, to belong to their original Father, God the Father, only if the human race would accept Jesus Christ as the only Son of God and as their only true Saviour. The colors of the logo are white, light olive green and shades of blue. The logo is magnificent display of eternal truths of God Triune and who we are in Christ, if we accept Him as our God and Saviour.


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