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About This Church Logo

The client choose the Living Word, the Bible, as the center piece of the logo. The rising sun at the head of the Bible depicts light. The basis of the logo is in three parts, suggesting the TriUne God, Three in One. The Bible is open, welcoming all human creation to read and accept the Truth embedded in the Living Word. The Bible lies horisontaly which symbolizes vulnerability, always giving freely. The sun, rising, predicts motion. It is not fully visible. This symbolizes some hidden treasures to be revealed while reading the Word of God, the Bible. Full realization of whom Jesus Christ is, comes when the sun has risen in full stature : when the Son of God comes in His full stature at the end of this age.  The colors are interesting : dark brown, white, olive green and a lighter shade thereof. In some cultures, dark brown implies mystery. The two shades of olive green, reflects different stages of life: an older, darker olive green and a young olive green. As the young olive green color was chosen for the rising sun, it stands to reason the there is life, young and vibrant, ready to break through. It reminds of the olive twig that the dove brought back to Noah after the dulage. The olive twig symbolizes new growth, new beginnings. The color white, in some cultures, depicts pureness and holiness.         

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